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Supplying both traditional product lines and bespoke manufacture, we have become UK leaders in the production of hospital equipment.

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  • Asset 7

    Operating Table

  • Operating Table Mattresses

    Operating Table Mattresses are manufactured...

    Operating Table Accessories

    All Teasdale Metal Operating Table...

    Operating Table Supports

    All Teasdale Anti-Static supports/accessories are...

  • Asset 8

    Mentor Pressure Care Gels

  • Mentor Pressure
    Care Gels

    Mentor Gels are manufactured from an exclusively compounded Elastomer Gel...

  • Asset 9

    Stools, Footstools And Steps

  • Stools, Footstools
    And Steps

    All Surgeon Stools are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel...

  • Asset 10

    Trolleys And Stands

  • Trolleys And Stands

    All Instrument and Dressing Trolleys are manufactured using high quality...

  • Asset 11

    Trolley Mattresses & Side Rail Covers

  • Trolley Mattresses &
    Side Rail Covers

    Trolley mattresses are manufactured from Polyurethane interiors with an Anti...

  • Asset 12

    Tourniquets & Connectors

  • Tourniquets

    Teasdale Anti Static Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs are manufactured: Outer: Anti...

  • Asset 13

    Arm Retainers & Tube Holders

  • Arm Retainers &
    Tube Holders

    Arm/Leg Retainers and Anaesthetic Tube Holders are manufactured from Polycarbonate...

  • Asset 14

    Evacuated Bead Supports

  • Evacuated Bead

    Inner lining prevents pump blockage/bead spillage New heavy duty lightweight...

  • Asset 15

    Transoft Fibre Care

  • Transoft Fibre

    Transoft Fibre Care is a specially designed range of products...

  • Asset 16


  • Maternity

  • sheet

    Slide sheets

  • Slide sheets

    Manufactured from high quality, durable very low friction material yet...


All our products in the catalogue are standard sized items. Due
to our manufacturing capabilities and Research...