Non-vulcanized rubber, a common allergen.


A hospital facility in which operations can be carried out in a sterile environment. Also known as an operating room, operating suite, operation theatre or operation suite.


Accident and Emergency. The department in a hospital which deals with potentially life threatening illnesses or when someone requires urgent care after an accident.


The department of a hospital that provides care for women during pregnancy and childbirth and for their newborn infants

Operating mattress

A mattress used in a theatre on which an operation takes place. These mattresses must meet health and safety requirements.

Arm supports

A support used during a procedure to keep the arm supported and in place.

Body supports

Various supports used during a procedure depending on what part of the body needs to be positioned/supported

Buttock / pelvic supports

A support used to hold the buttock or pelvic area still during an operation or procedure.

Leg supports

Supports in which hold the leg in place during a procedure or operation.

Accessory clamps

Clamps which hold different operating table accessories in place during a procedure.

Head supports

A support which will hold the head in a certain safe position during a procedure.

Pressure care Gel

A Teasdale exclusive gel. Our gels are manufactured from a compounded Elastomer gel which gives high 3-dimensional memory and support. The gels are used under a patient’s body during an operation or procedure to relieve the area of any pressure when positioned for a long period of time

Instrument / dressing trolley

A wheeled stainless steel trolley used in hospitals to hold various pieces of hospital items such as bowls, bandages and instruments.

Transfusion stand

A stainless steel wheeled stand to hold intravenous medicines and blood during a patient’s treatment.

Side rails

The padded sides of an operating table trolley to stop a patient from falling.


A tourniquet is a constricting or compressing device used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity for a period of time

Evacuated bead support

Made with polyurethane, these supports contain small beads which with the air of a suction control, mould around the area of the body required to keep it perfectly still during surgery or a procedure.

Transoft fibre care

Transoft fibre care is a specially designed range of products that give comfort, pressure redistribution and reduces shear stress in the early stages of the possible development of pressure sores. Manufactured from highly slickened polyester hollow fibre and covered in either a lightweight treated cotton or a wipe clean vapour permeable multi stretch polyurethane material.

Theatre audit

A theatre audit usually takes place when the hospital requires a number of new items in the theatre. A representative will request that all of the items are brought out and then will grade the items on condition.


Dartex is used mainly on our operating table mattress covers as an alternative to the highly popular Anti-static cover. It is waterproof and theatre and patient friendly.


Polyurethane is a versatile, modern and safe plastic material that exists in various forms. It can be tailored to be either rigid or flexible, and is the material of choice for a broad range of end-user applications such as our range of Teasdale pressure relieving gels.

Stainless steel

The material used in all of our metal based products. It is high quality, non-rusting and non-peeling.


Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerisation of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. Teasdale use Neoprene in all of its Anti-static products.

Vapour permeable

This type of material allows the body’s natural vapours to be absorbed through the top layer thus reducing heat between the body and the material.