Delivery accessories

Delivery accessories

  • Incubator Cot Mattress

  • Bean bag

  • Wedge

  • Floor mattress

  • Backrest

  • Maternity v pillow

  • Lithotomy Poles
    TT/405 Cranked COMPLETE (Pair)

  • Lithotomy Poles
    TT/410 Curved COMPLETE (Pair)
    Lithotomy Pole Sleeves
    TT/109 18” (457mm) (Pair)
    TT/110 22” (559mm) (Pair)
    MG/131 GEL (Pair)
    (To be used in conjunction with Anti Static sleeves)
    Lithotomy Straps
    TW/184 PADDED with‘D’ clip (Pair)
    MG/128D GEL with‘D’ clip (Pair)

  • Allen Leg Supports