Mentor Dynamic operating air mattress and pump

Mentor Dynamic operating air mattress and pump

Patients are at particular risk from pressure ulcers during lengthy procedures and also during any surgery in which the patient’s circulation is compromised, such as:

  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Head and Neck
  • Plastic
  • Micro Surgery

Using technology developed to prevent this problem in long term 'bed bound' patients, the Mentor Dynamic Operating Mattress uses a system of 'active' cells which deflate and inflate in sequence designed to provide the optimum preservation of circulation during surgery.

  • Dynamic Operating Table Air Mattress and Pump TT/163

    Upper weight limit 41 stone 260kg
    Minimum weight limit 3 stone 19kg
    Welded seams
    Range sizes to fit all beds
    Category 3/4 Pressure Ulcers
    Unique Static/Flotation Mode for use during micro surgery where absolutely no movement is required
    Unique ‘double skinned’ DARTEX cover
    3/4 size also available.