Operating table mattresses: European

Operating table mattresses: European

All Operating Table Mattresses

Please state the following details when ordering an operating table mattress: Product code: OTM/Make/Model/Serial Number Example: OTM/Eschmann/Model ‘MR’/No. 366

All Bariatric Operating Table Mattresses:

Product Code: BOTM/Make/Model/Serial Number Example: BOTM/ESCHMANN/MODEL MR/No. 366 We manufacture models: Maquet, Berchtold, ALM, Trumpf, Stille and many more on request.

  • Shearer European Operating Table Mattress

  • Maquet Alpha Star European Operating Table Mattress

  • Operating Table Mattress Covers

    MG/150 COMPLETE All models Please state if you require a one piece or 3 piece (3 piece consists of a separate Head, Trunk and Foot section) MG/151 HEAD SECTION All models MG/152 Perineal Cut-out Optional TRUNK SECTION all models MG/153 FOOT SECTION all models Please state table model, serial number and if perineal cut out is required.

  • We can also supply:

    Pressure relieving ‘memory foam’ versions of our mattresses for medium to high risk patients – when ordering, please add PR after the code Loose vapour permeable dartex covers with welded seams – waterproof, easy to clean and multi-stretch – when ordering, please add DC after the code