Tourniquets and connectors

Tourniquets and connectors

CPC connectors are made from a durable thermoplastic with good resistance to chemical attack. Ideal for Pneumatic applications. CO/100 has an automatic latching system that provides quick and easy “one hand” connection and disconnection. A distinct click assures the connectors are locked. The cuff side connector can be supplied with a non return valve (keeping the cuff inflated while disconnected from the pump).

  • Anti Static Tourniquet Cuffs

    SS/012 SINGLE CHAMBER 12” (305mm) x 2” (51mm)
    SS/018 SINGLE CHAMBER 18” (457mm) x 4” (102mm)
    SN/018 SINGLE NARROW CHAMBER 18” (457mm) x 2.5” (64mm)
    SS/024 SINGLE CHAMBER 24” (610mm) x 5” (127mm)
    SN/024 SINGLE NARROW CHAMBER 24” (610mm) x 3” (76mm)
    SS/034 SINGLE CHAMBER 34” (864mm) x 5” (127mm)
    SN/034 SINGLE NARROW CHAMBER 34”(864mm) x 3”(76mm)
    SS/044 SINGLE CHAMBER 44” (1118mm) x 5” (127mm)
    SN/044 SINGLE NARROW CHAMBER 44” (1118mm) x 3” (76mm)
    DN/012 DOUBLE CHAMBER 12” (305mm) x 4” (102mm)
    DN/018 DOUBLE CHAMBER 18” (457mm) x 5” (127mm)
    DN/024 DOUBLE CHAMBER 24” (610mm) x 5.5” (140mm)
    DN/034 DOUBLE CHAMBER 34” (864mm) x 5.5” (140mm)
    DN/044 DOUBLE CHAMBER 44” (1118mm) x 5.5” (140mm)

  • Accessories

    CO/100 CUFF CONNECTOR (CPC) Pump Side
    CO/101 CUFF CONNECTOR (CPC) Cuff Side
    CO/101NR CUFF CONNECTOR (CPC) Cuff Side non return